April 2017 – We have now corrected the music player on our radio show pages, so now you can stream music from any mobile, tablet device as well as a desktop or laptop.

Content & Features

How do I submit music to you for promotion?
You can send us music, read this article first: Music Submissions.

Do you promote modern Dancehall?
No, our focus is on Roots & Culture. Sometimes we promote old school Dancehall with clean lyrics, but not the new style, as our focus is on Roots & Culture singers and their lyrical content.

Can you review my new reggae album?
Yes, for a small fee, we can review and promote that review on social media, contact us.

How do I submit my products to sell in your shop?
It’s easy to place your products in our shop, contact us for more details.

Can I advertise my product or brand on your website?
Yes you can, contact us to discuss and tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.

What other services do you offer?
We offer a wide variation of services, including: radio promotion, album reviews, mix-tapes, audio mixing and mastering, studio recording, web-design, web-development, web analysis, written and graphic design services. For more details, contact us.

Radio Show

Can I feature your music on my radio station, or in my bar/restaurant?
In our terms and conditions it says that you need to ask permission before doing so, contact us to request a contract for that permission. Anyone caught playing the radio show without permission will be referred to our solicitor and could face prosecution in a UK court of law at your expense.

Can I play your radio show on my sound-system?
No, the radio show downloads are MP3 quality, not WAV and they are not suitable to play on a large sound-system.

I like the new website, but how do I find the old shows I love listening too?
All the content from the old website you loved is on this new website, you can find them in the show vault.

The music player will not play, how can I fix this?
Clear your cache on your phone or computer, if this does not work then make sure your operating system is updated to the latest version. If you are still having problems, then contact us with your phone/computer and browser details and we will help you to fix it.

Are the Free Reggae Downloads free?
Yes, all the free reggae downloads on the free download page are free to download.

Do you have an app I can download?
Yes, our app can be downloaded from the link at the top, left side of all the pages on this site.


I heard that Gav Pauze released a poetry book, where can I find it?
Yes, Gav Pauze recently released a book, we have that in stock now: Pauze For Thought Book. Alternatively, you can purchase the book from Amazon.co.uk and all other leading book stores from the 27th October 2016.



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