About Pauzeradio

The history of this reggae radio station

Since 2006 the airwaves have been blessed to hear the Unique Reggae Mix Show every week, bringing a smooth mix of all the latest and best in Reggae Roots and Culture and Lovers Rock! Gav Pauze aka DJ Pauze is at the controls, with a more music, less talking policy as the show glides smoothly from mix to mix allowing the listener to get a good listen to brand new and classic positive music.

In the time the show has been running Gav Pauze aka DJ Pauze has archived all of the shows since show number one and with the archive growing bigger every week, he would like to share this archive with you (the listener) so Pauzeradio.com Reggae radio station was set up for this purpose.

Gav Pauze uploads a brand new Unique Reggae Mix Show regularly for everyone to listen to, if you enjoy positive uplifting music be sure to pass by and check it out, download the mp3’s of the show in the online store, have a browse round and why not tell a friend, after all unity is the key.

Behind the scenes we have two professionals working very hard with Gav Pauze to bring his work and ideas to life in the digital world on this website. They are Mark and Luke.

The Official Pauzeradio Staff Team & Associates include:
Gav Pauze, Mark Townsend, Luke Pollen, Suzanne Bainton, Pascal Ruegg, Team Upsetta.